Why Choose Red River?

About Us

AT RED RIVER Healthcare, we aim to provide our patients with a second chance to live their life free of addiction. When an individual is admitted to our facility, they become a part of the Red River family. From the moment they arrive, we embrace each patient as one of our own with the goal of getting them back on their feet. Our staff takes the time to educate the patients and their loved ones about the principles of a successful recovery.
According to the Addiction Center’s statistics, nearly 21 million Americans battle with at least one addiction, yet only 10% of these individuals seek treatment. We encourage our patients with the reminder that seeking addiction treatment is not a sign of weakness rather, it shows bravery and strength to reach out for help.

How We Can Help to Overcome Addiction

The beginning stages of overcoming any type of addiction can feel daunting; however, we supply our patients with easy accessibility to sessions and resources in order to grow and learn in a substance-free environment.

All four Red River Healthcare locations are fully equipped with the proper tools for treating alcohol abuse and drug addiction. The treatment programs we offer include detoxification, residential addiction treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient.

We determine which of these programs our patients need using the patients’ evaluation assessment taken upon entering our facility.

Our Commitment to Patients

We are committed to building an honest, communicative relationship with each patient by treating them with respect and reinforcing their self-worth.

Red River Healthcare is a supportive community that holds one another accountable throughout their entire journey. We want to see our patients succeed and become the best version of themselves. When creating your personalized treatment plan, you can be confident that your needs, concerns, and end goals will be handled respectfully and diligently.

Contact us today so we can better assist you. Your recovery journey begins here.

Accreditations and Membership


Red River Healthcare’s number one goals are honesty and integrity; therefore, we assure any membership we have affiliated with our name is a reliable source and professional network. Memberships with professional organizations guarantee that our facilities and team members always administer advanced treatments using scientific methods.


Possessing accreditations shows that we are devoted to giving our patients the highest quality of care possible. The process of attaining any accreditation entails check ins at each Red River Healthcare facility to assure we are up to code by meeting the requirements of each treatment, evaluation, and program that we provide to our patients.

Involvement in Professional Organizations

Red River Healthcare prioritizes the well-being and safety of our patients first and foremost. We strive to provide only the best treatments and programs for each person who walks through our doors to ensure they are equipped to excel and have an effective recovery. In order to ensure our facilities run smoothly, our accreditations and memberships with professional organizations play a huge role in the way we operate and care for our patients.

*stats above taken from the Addiction Center’s website.

Priority Admissions &
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