Family Resources

Here at Red River Healthcare, we understand it is emotionally difficult to witness a loved one struggling with addiction. You might feel as though you have tried everything to get them to receive help, yet the addiction continues to spiral out of control.

As a family member, referring a loved one to a rehab facility takes courage. Our goal is to help make this process easier for you.

We Are Here For You & Your Family

Red River Healthcare provides resources for both our patients and their family members to allow them to gain a better understanding about the steps of recovery.

We are here to remind our patients that their life is precious by taking the time to ensure each family member is educated about the importance of mental health and how it plays a role in addiction.

Outside support is one of the main factors that motivates a patient to continue healing when their journey to sobriety begins. We strive to educate family members on ways to encourage open communication at home to reassure their loved one that they are not alone.

Does Your Loved One Struggle With Addiction?

If your loved one needs help, or if there is information that our team at Red River Healthcare can provide to you to better help you understand addiction treatment options, contact us today.