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At Red River Healthcare, we aim to provide our patients with a second chance to live their life free of addiction. When an individual is admitted to our facility, they become a part of the Red River family.

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REDRIVER Treatment Facility

Spaces that shape success

Red River Healthcare spans across Louisiana with 2 treatment center locations. Each location is equipped with recovery programs that include residential and outpatient rehabilitation options.

Help is available 24/7 at REDRIVER Treatment Center

Help is available 24/7

Our caring staff is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to help. We are committed to building an honest, communicative relationship with each patient by treating them with respect and reinforcing their self-worth.

Programs to help you feel like you again

Programs to help you
feel like you again

Our treatment programs are hyper-focused on providing guidance and assistance on an individual level. The staff at Red River Healthcare is dedicated to helping you feel like you again.

Treatment that is Tailored to You


Our detoxification program is led by medical professionals and is designed to slowly cleanse the patient’s body of the addictive substance in order to give time for healthy physical and mental adjustment.

Residential Addiction Treatment

Through our full-time, inpatient residential addiction program, we aim to provide a safe and comforting environment for our patients to live as they begin working toward a life free from addiction.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Red River Healthcare’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is an outpatient addiction treatment program that allows the patient to receive treatment while living at home and continuing to attend work or school.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

This program is designed for patients who complete the residential addiction treatment program and are beginning to slowly step back into their lives. This is typically the next step in their treatment journey.

What We Treat

At Red River Healthcare, we focus treatments on three categories of addiction: alcohol abuse and drug addiction, including opioid addiction. Our team is trained to treat addictions in each of these categories, ensuring that every patient that comes through our doors will be helped.

Alcohol Abuse

Our team at Red River Healthcare understands that addiction to alcohol is complicated and that overcoming it is far from being an easy task. We are here to meet you where you are and walk beside you to help you find freedom.

Drug Addiction

Because of the stigma attached to drug addiction, most people suffer in silence due to a fear of judgement while believing that they have no one to reach out to for help. You do not have to suffer alone anymore.

Opioid Addiction

Abuse of prescription medications over time can lead to opioid addiction and overdose. Our team at Red River Healthcare understands that addiction can be ugly, but we are here to help you along the road to recovery.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“This program saved my life. I was not ok before I came in and they guided me through to a place where I could get back to my normal life. I am so Grateful for Red River.”
- Baily
“I did not know how I would ever get my life back. I did not want to be an addict, but I was. Life was very hard for me and when I called Red River they helped. They got me in that day. The program and staff were great and the facility is great. Thank you so much for giving me what I needed to recover.”
- Michael
“I lost everything. My kids, my job, my house, my family, everything was gone. I have been to rehab so many times and it did not work. Red River got me in when most place would not. They pushed me to be the person I always wanted to be.”
- Rhonda

Our Treatment Centers

Red River Healthcare spans across Louisiana with 2 treatment center locations. When a patient arrives at one of our treatment facilities, our staff members willingly meet them where they are in their journey to sobriety in order to help them live a better life with a sustainable recovery.

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